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Maynard Youth Football
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is eligible to participate in tackle football?
All children are welcome to participate in our football program, provided they meet the following basic criteria:
  1. Are in 2nd through 8th grade for the 2018/2019 School Year.
What is required for a child to participate?
Each player must provide by July 1st the following information to participate for the 2019 season:
  1. Payment
  2. Completed Registration Form
  3. Birth Certificate with raised seal (no copies or Hospital certificates). New participants only. 
  4. Signed Liability Release/Parental Consent Form  (this form will be available at the June registration & fitting night)
  5. Doctor’s Consent form or a physical exam dated between 1/1/2019 and 6/1/2019. Those who have exams scheduled after June 1 MUST use the Doctor's Consent form.  You do not need to make a doctor's appointment to get this form signed.
  6. Football Player or Code of Conduct
  7. Parent Code of Conduct
  8. Copy of final 2018-2019 Report Card (to be turned when available from school)
Why does MYF&C hold registration March through June?

Registration begins in March so, that we are able to get an idea of how many teams we should plan on.  When people register at this time, we have a commitment that we can work with.  Having an March registration also helps communicate to parents that they should begin collecting their paperwork for the June fitting.  We hold the June registration event primarily to collect the paperwork needed to certify a participant, measure for equipment and provide an opportunity for participants to order practice apparel.    

Why does MYF&C ask for all this paperwork and have strict deadlines?

The paperwork requirements are determined by American Youth Football.  The general form in which it is requested comes from their definition.  We ask that paperwork be turned in by the deadlines because the task of organizing the paperwork for the entire program takes an enormous amount of time.  Also, it lessens the time available to ensure players are eligible to receive equipment, begin practice and meet the Central Mass deadline for certification.  Ideally, it should be completed the first week in July if everyone adheres to the deadlines set by MYF.  Please help our volunteer board accomplish this task by turning your paperwork in on time.

What team will my child be assigned to?
Football players are placed on teams according to age, grade and needs of the program. Team placement is not determined until registration has been completed.  Number of players registered dictates number of teams.  Unfortunately, MYF&C can not entertain any request for specific team or coach placements. 
What are the registration fees?
The registration fee for the 2017 season is listed below. Scholarships are available to those who present a hardship case to the Director of Football.
Football Player     $175.00 (Before May 31, 2019)                   
                              $200.00 (After May 31, 2019)
Payment Plan Option: If you cannot pay in full at the time of registration, a $100.00 deposit with the registration form is acceptable for securing a spot on a roster. Subsequent payments should be made on June 1st and July 1st. If you need further assistance you may contact the Treasurer of MYF.
Late Fees: If you submit a registration after the June Registration/Fitting, you will incur a $50.00 late fee per participant.
What are the volunteer opportunities?

Maynard Youth Football is an expensive and volunteer intensive program.   We need every parent to contribute if we are going to continue to provide a quality program and keep registration fees affordable.  
Every parent will be given assignments for sideline duties and/or the concession stand.  You will see board members as well as coaches families helping out on these days as well.  We cannot fill every position needed during games without everyone's participation. 

We always need help with our annual Fundraiser and many of the events that occur throughout the year (registration, volunteer scheduling, etc.)  Please see a board member to have your name be placed on a contact list.
PLEASE help us out when asked.  The MYF Board has members that work all year round to bring you a quality program.  They are volunteering hundreds of hours of their time for your kids – we are asking for a little of your valuable time in return.  It is also a great way to get to know the parents of your child's teammates.  We have a great community.
Additionally, you do your children a great service by making sure they get to practices and games on time, and with the right equipment/uniform. 
When does the Maynard Youth Football season begin and end?
For the 2019 season, practice will begin on July 29th. The regular season will begin at the end of August or beginning of September running through the last Sunday in October or first Sunday in November. If a football team qualifies for post season activities, the football games at the Conference and Region level are held in late October through November.
What if we plan to be away in August?
Unfortunately, this could be a challenge for your participantPre-season practice is extremely important. If your child will be unable to attend these practices, we expect the parent to make their player aware that they could potentially be behind. Football is a complex game requiring solid fundamental skills as well as a high degree of teamwork and conditioning.  Players who do not attend these sessions may find it a challenge to catch up both mentally and physically.  In the past, football families have had to reconsider their summer vacation plans, so please think about this before you register your child. 
What is the MYF Registration Fee Refund Policy?

As a general policy, registration fees are not returned after June 1st for any reason. Once a participant has registered in the program and the parent has paid the registration fee, the fee will not be returned if the parent decides their child will not participate in Maynard Youth Football.

Registration fees will be returned if the MYF Director of Football is unable to roster a child on a team.  Situations where this may occur may include but are not limited to: Child being on a waitlist or age guidelines are not met.

Any request to deviate from this policy will need to be considered and approved by the  MYF President, Paul Lawton.
My son plays FBU Football or on any other Non-AYF Program, can he use the MYF equipment?
MYF does not allow any equipment to be used outside of an AYF sanctioned event for liability reason.  All equipment must be turned in as soon as their season is over for reconditioning and safety testing.